About us

Commitment to service

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Who we are

Pagemasters is a global provider of design, subediting, listings and imaging services. Our operations in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Canada provide complete media production services to metropolitan, regional and community newspapers, websites, magazines, businesses, sporting bodies, and government and education sectors. We specialise in print and online production and the development and delivery of digital platforms and apps.
Our people and processes provide flexible and cost-effective production solutions

Accuracy, efficiency and reliability

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How we operate

We are a one-stop media production house able to provide customers big and small with everything from a new smartphone app or magazine design to a complete layout and subediting service for some of the world’s major newspapers and their websites. With Pagemasters as their media engine room, publishers, businesses, universities and professional sporting bodies are able to get on with their core mission, leaving the media production hassles to us.

Innovation and responsiveness

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Who we employ

Pagemasters employs more than 250 production journalists and designers in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Canada. We offer a flexible team of talented staff with extensive experience in media design and production. Our global reach, can-do culture and two decades of experience make us the partner of choice for publishers, businesses and organisations needing to make sense of a fast-changing media landscape.