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Anywhere, any time, on time

Pagemasters staff such as Vaughan Mayberry know what it’s like to perform under pressure. When Vaughan isn’t reshaping and editing our clients’ copy or crafting eye-catching, award-winning headlines, he’s hitting the courts across Australia, New Zealand and the world as an Olympic-level referee for the National Basketball League.

Whether it’s after the final buzzer in Auckland, before the tip-off in Perth or even from his hotel room in London, Vaughan uses his laptop to log on and deliver Pagemasters’ top-quality services – anywhere, any time and always on time.

“The idea that we can be in contact at the click of a mouse and deliver for clients anywhere in the country, or indeed the world, is so indicative of what kind of business Pagemasters is,” Vaughan says.

“It’s especially important for me as an NBL referee, as I need to be on the road for at least half the year.

“But in terms of service delivery, it’s heartening for clients to know that any Pagemasters staff member, anywhere in the world, can be online and servicing their needs within minutes. When it comes to the crunch and deadlines need to be met, Pagemasters’ flexible approach can deliver for them.”