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Anzac stories treasured

When the call came, Australians answered in their hundreds of thousands.

Almost 417,000 of our forebears enlisted to defend the empire following the declaration of World War I on August 4, 1914. This cream of a generation were joined by thousands more young men from New Zealand, establishing our Anzac legacy.

The world will honour their sacrifice during the centenary of the Great War from November 2014 to November 2018.

Pagemasters is proud to have played a small part in keeping the memories of our servicemen and women alive by designing the Anzac Centenary website for the Victorian Government (

Every one of our diggers had a story, as former state premier Ted Baillieu, the chairman of the Victorian Anzac Centenary Committee, reminds us.

“They each left behind families, friends, jobs and homes to fight for freedom. They were ordinary Australians placed in extraordinary circumstances,” he wrote in the Herald Sun.

“Some of us cling to the stories passed from generation to generation, others are lucky enough to have photographs and letters to keep the memory alive.”

Families of servicemen and women can tell the “untold” stories of Victoria’s World War I servicemen and women on the Anzac Centenary website.

Pagemasters Melbourne managing editor Tim Campbell said ease of use and honouring the Anzac tradition were vital ingredients to the centenary website.

“We were very conscious of the trust placed in our hands,” he said. “This community resource had to be easy for the families of servicemen and women to use but designed in a way that reflects and honours the sacrifice of the Anzacs. I believe we achieved that.”