Telegraph Media Group

Quality, innovation and editorial excellence

As one of the world’s most respected newspaper publishers, the United Kingdom’s Telegraph Media Group has for more than 150 years enjoyed a reputation for quality, innovation and editorial excellence. Its mastheads the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph are world-renowned for their standards of reporting, opinion, analysis, design and editing, and the company’s transition to digital platforms is also recognised as being an industry leader.
As part of an overall review of its editorial production arrangements, Telegraph Media turned to Pagemasters to provide new and flexible solutions to its sub-editing needs. As a result, a team of Pagemasters sub-editors now oversees the editing and quality-control of a majority of the Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph’s weekend features supplements.


In the still of the night

For the first two years of its production arrangement with Telegraph Media, Pagemasters conducted its sub-editing service from a newsroom in Sydney – using remote desktop technology to operate within the Telegraph’s editorial system. The time difference between London and Sydney meant that Pagemasters sub-editors effectively worked through the night, London time – with completed pages waiting for the Telegraph’s section editors when they arrived each morning.
As well as delivering a high-quality, cost-efficient service to Telegraph Media, this meant the mastheads enjoyed an almost “round-the-clock” production flow – allowing page layouts to be completed by Telegraph staff during daylight hours in London and the subsequent sub-editing to be completed overnight – by subs working daylight hours Down Under.


Back to the motherland

Changing operational requirements meant that, in 2011, Pagemasters’ sub-editors working on the Telegraph supplements were relocated from Sydney to London in a seamless and trouble-free transition.
Now in Central London, the Pagemasters team also makes use of virtual desktop technologies to allow some of the UK media industry’s most experienced and respected sub-editors to ply their trade on the Telegraph titles while working remotely from their homes. This has not only meant an end to the dreaded daily commute for these industry veterans, but means that Pagemasters can offer an even more flexible and innovative service to meet the changing needs of its valued UK clients.