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While you were sleeping

Readers of APN New Zealand’s daily newspapers can rest easy as Pagemasters has the world covered for them while they are sleeping.

Production journalist Paul Fry, a veteran of London’s famous Fleet Street, was a leading hand in the set-up of Pagemasters’ Auckland operation which designs, sub-edits and provides content for seven daily newspapers and a popular Sunday paper.

When Paul decided to head back to the UK, he took his job with him. He now works from home compiling international news and sports feature pages for the New Zealand market.

A talented designer and sub-editor with long experience in the media, Paul’s service to a wide New Zealand readership is second to none. He has an old-school journo’s nose for news, knows his sport inside out and designs pages that demand attention.

If you’re a New Zealand reader enjoying a crisp feature on the Royal family, a backgrounder on Barack Obama’s presidency or a report on the English Premier League, chances are Paul Fry compiled and designed it.

“It’s a perfect arrangement,” says Paul. “Pagemasters is no different to international news agencies who place journalists on the other side of the globe to work while people are sleeping at home. That’s how we stay on top of global events for readers.”